Sauna adventure - Sauna marathon in Lammasmäe

What makes the sauna adventure special is the fact that you move between different saunas and go to five or six saunas during the evening. And, of course, you can whisk with different kinds of whisks and make your own herbal footbath. In order to get new knowledge about the sauna during the adventure, the Lammasmäe sauna experts will take part in the adventure and help you to become better friends with each sauna.

  • The sauna adventure starts in a traditional wood heated sauna, with access to a cool indoor pool. This is a good place to try different sauna aromas and talk about sauna traditions with a sauna master. The wood heated sauna is familiar to many and offers a relaxing heat. A dip in the pool follows, to prepare for the next experience - the smoke sauna.
  • Smoke saunas are more typical of southern Estonia, and the sauna at the Lammasmäe Holiday Centre was brought from there and rebuilt on site. In a smoke sauna, juniper branches are put into a bowl filled with warm water so that the smell of smoke mixes with the aroma of juniper.
  • The next sauna is located in a log cabin and has a sauna with a cabinet-stove. Sometimes it is called a Russian sauna, and the main thing that distinguishes it from a smoke sauna is that it has a chimney. Water is thrown on the stones and the result is a rather soft heat. This sauna is also suitable for those who do not like very high temperatures.
  • Afterwards, it's time to visit the steam sauna, where steam is generated by a large steam generator. The steam is gentle and opens up the pores of the skin. The effect can be strengthened by rubbing the skin with coarse salt or honey provided in the sauna. This treatment speeds up blood circulation and culminates in a tingling sensation in the limbs.
  • Then your body will be ready for a floating peat sauna on the Kunda River. The sauna is built of blocks of peat, which make the sauna mild. On top of the sauna stove, there is a bowl of hot water, which gives the peat sauna its proper humidity. To get to the sauna, you have to walk along pontoons covered with peat slabs, and you also sit on peat slabs in the sauna. Various procedures are carried out in the sauna. Traditional peat procedures such as body masks, face masks, etc. are combined with a visit to the sauna so that the heat of the sauna can accelerate the processes. A unique feature is the peat sauna shower - a bucket with holes hanging from the eaves. On the walls of the sauna there are boxes with marsh plants that create an unforgettable atmosphere. Peat is a 100% natural product and contains no additives. Peat has a very wide therapeutic effect. It is used to relax muscles, cleanse the skin, speed up metabolism and detoxify the body.
  • After or in between visiting different saunas, you can relax in the wood heated hot tub or go for a swim in the Kunda River.

Lammasmäe Holiday Centre's "Sauna Adventure" has been awarded the title "Best New Adventure 2020".