2023 is the year of saunas in Estonia

October 24, 2022

Year 2023 is dedicated to saunas in Estonia. The year of saunas is all about the most essential aspects about saunas - the inheritance, the culture, the customs, the products, the companies, the communities and the leaders. This year is for everyone who has a sauna in their soul. Historically the life of Estonians began and ended in a sauna, new households build saunas first - in many ways, our life revolves around the sauna even today.

The sauna year is launched to promote the sauna and to spread the sauna religion. To spread sauna wisdom and practices. To encourage science and research about the sauna, study even more about its history, and initiate discussions.

Estonian smoke sauna tradition in Võrumaa is on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. But we have a wide variety of sauna experiences, all listed on sauna year’s website www.sauna2023.ee, like turf sauna, igloo sauna, raft sauna, honeycomb sauna, ice sauna, to name just a few.

We have made it possible to attend these (and many more) saunas in Estonia for friends close and far. You are welcome to join the virtual sauna experience happening during the sauna year once a month. More information about the date and place will be available on our website. You are welcome to subscribe also to our newsletter for more information.

You are invited to join our sauna university through the internet, as a lecturer, or as an enthusiastic student. The studies will be happening every Tuesday evening 7 PM Estonian time (UTC+2), some in Estonian and some in English. If you wish to share your knowledge and sauna experience, please send an email to saunaaasta2023@maaturism.ee More information will be given on our website. Subscribe also to our newsletter for more information.

Sauna-related events will be happening throughout the year all over Estonia. Keep an eye on a calendar on our website.

The sauna year’s activities are implemented by Estonian Rural Tourism Organization and its partners. Estonian Rural Tourism Organization was founded in 2000, the organization has almost 300 members in Estonia and since 2022 it is a member of the International Sauna Association (ISA).

Please feel free to contact with regard to collaboration activities for the sauna year:
Elin Priks
Estonian Rural Tourism Organization
+372 5212096
E-mail: saunaaasta2023@maaturism.ee

For more information about the organization:
Raili Mengel
+372 6009999
E-mail: eesti@maaturism.ee