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Spa Hotel Viiking - Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Center

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Snow sauna
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna
  • Juniper sauna
  • Salt sauna
  • Igloo sauna

Sadama 15, 80012 Pärnu,, Pärnumaa

Phone: +372 449 0500

Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Center is the most unique water center in Estonia. The saunas are hidden in mountain caves, and the lights are reminiscent of stalagmites. An illusory starry sky is above the water and the walls have a curvy design. The large pool gets its character from an island and in the centre, there is a murmuring waterfall. Next to the pools, you will find a bar with heated lounge chairs for relaxation and refreshment. Children can have fun in the upstream river and children’s pool.

On the second floor you will find a rooftop garden and a Viking teepee sauna. The unique snow sauna in the Baltic States offers crisp revitalization and has several health benefits.

All families are welcome to enjoy a spa vacation!

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