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Saunamaailm (Sauna World) Sauna Village

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna

Kurvi tee 6, Püha küla, 76902 Saue vald, Harjumaa

Phone: +372 550 0075

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The Sauna Village is an extremely comfortable and pleasant place to stay, welcoming visitors all year round. It's a place for relaxed, endless chats and tasting delicious home brews. It is a place where the body cleanses and rests and the soul is at peace.
The village is made up of four guesthouses, spaced well apart so as not to disturb the privacy of visitors. Each house has cosy bedrooms. The veranda has stone barbecue pits. In front of the houses there are large wooden barrels with water from the artesian wells constantly circulating through a filter.
There are also sports fields, children's playgrounds and health and fitness trails on the territory of the Sauna Village.

  • The main feature of the Russian house (Russian sauna) is a wood-burning Russian stove, weighing more than 8 tons, which creates a very pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the sauna's heat room. Using the whisks in the heat room is an unforgettably rich experience! A rare tree species, KELO, with an age of 700-1000 years, was used in the construction of the heat room.
  • The Hunter's house (Russian sauna) is a sauna with a masculine character! The house has a stylised interior and hunting trophies. The house has everything a modern person could need.
  • The Spa house (steam sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna) offers guests the richest selection of sauna experiences, as there are 3 saunas in the house. After aromatherapy and sauna treatments, a pool with 6 tonnes of the cleanest water awaits guests. It is here that you can truly relax and restore balance to mind and body.
  • In the Finnish house (Finnish sauna) you feel like in a farmer's house, thanks to the interior. In a Finnish sauna, thoughts and feelings are born that can't happen anywhere else - it's a special place where your body and soul are purified. The smell of burning wood calms you after a busy day and helps you relax.

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