Training on building an Indian Sauna

A sauna does not have to be prohibitively expensive or large. It can be inexpensive and small, but homemade and cute. Making an Indian sauna is quick and exciting, and you can enjoy its heat the same day. To make a sauna, you need three well-known tools, natural materials, initiative and a couple of good friends who will help create the mood and add value to the sauna with a joint effort. The Sauna Master will help you to prepare the Indian sauna and to start a fire under the sauna stove, so that you can enjoy your self-made heat after the training.

In the course of the training we will learn about the following:

  • We will talk about the Indian sauna and its history (Sweat Lodge).
  • We’ll collect stones for the stove and material from the forest for the sauna.
  • We build an Indian sauna using a shovel, an axe and a knife.
  • We’ll learn how to heat an Indian sauna.

The training will be delivered by: Erki Pehter - Sauna Master