Training on building a temporary sauna (a plastic sauna)

A temporary or "plastic sauna" provides a hint of what it is in its name. A simple sauna with no permanent connection to the ground, which can be built temporarily almost anywhere, with a frame made of material collected from the forest, covered with plastic and a sauna stove of natural stones. The simplicity of the plastic sauna should not be underestimated, however, as is confirmed by the sauna heat, which offers the same enjoyment as the historic saunas.

In the course of the training we will learn about the following:

  • We’ll talk about the plastic sauna, its uses and benefits.
  • We’ll collect stones for the stove and material from the forest for the sauna.
  • We’ll build a plastic sauna using a shovel, an axe and a knife.
  • We’ll learn how to heat the plastic sauna

The training will be delivered by: Erki Pehter - Sauna Master