Sauna whisk preparation training

A sauna without a sauna whisk is like Midsummer without a's still not quite what it should be. But where to get the right and good sauna whisk when the sauna is already being heated up? Do it yourself? Why not! Making a sauna whisk isn't difficult, but you need to know a few tips to get it right. The hosts at Saunamaa will give you tips and help you prepare your whisk.

In the course of the training we will learn about:

  • When is the right time to take a sauna whisk?
  • Is birch the only tree suitable for making a sauna whisk?
  • How to store a sauna whisk?
  • How to make a handy sauna whisk?

If a forest is available, the material will be collected during the training or, if the group wishes, beforehand by the trainer.

The training will be delivered by: Erki Pehter - Sauna Master