Know the Sauna - training and a tour of Saunamaa

A sauna can be just a sauna, but it can also be something more. Just like every village, every person, object or place has its own history, so does the sauna. It can be overlooked and not understood, but it is more exciting to know and understand it. Sauna traditions, types of world saunas, their advantages and disadvantages, the effects of sauna on health and much more. The Sauna Master can help you understand all this with the Know the Sauna training/tour of Saunamaa.
In the course of the training we will learn about:

  • History of saunas
  • Sauna types in Estonia and elsewhere in the world
  • Sauna traditions
  • Health effects of sauna
  • sauna whisk
  • Who is the sauna fairy?

The training will be delivered by: Erki Pehter - Sauna Master