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Castle Spa Wagenküll

  • Smoke sauna
  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Amber sauna
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna
  • Salt sauna

Taagepera küla, 68502, Tõrva vald, Valgamaa

Phone: +372 5981 2455

The cosy, elegant, and luxurious atmosphere of Castle Spa Wagenküll awakens and, at the same time, relaxes your senses – calming voices and cosy light, saunas with different temperatures and humidity levels, lovely waterholes, and several private relaxation areas will help you overcome fatigue and stress.

The castle spa has a refreshing cold-water oasis, a pool with water massage, a Japanese bath, a steam and aroma sauna, a salt-steam sauna, a smoke sauna, a Finnish sauna, and an amber sauna. In addition, we offer a number of relaxation treatments.

Escape everyday life and forget about time!

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