Sauna training

In our fast-paced modern world, the old sauna traditions are disappearing and most of the younger generation is no longer familiar with sauna rituals.
We offer sauna training, where we talk about the hundreds of years of ancestral sauna culture, beliefs and teach sauna skills.

  • A brief history of the sauna: when and where did it start?
  • What types of saunas and sauna stoves are available in different regions?
  • Why was the sauna the most important and sacred place for Estonians?
  • What were the old sauna rituals and beliefs?
  • Why, for what and how were different types of whisks used?
  • What's recommended and what's not in the sauna?
  • The teaching of whisking.
  • Massage with whisks.
  • The role of cooling and relaxation

Price: The price of sauna training is subject to agreement.