Klaara-Manni Countrywoman’s Spaaa - an authentic sauna experience

You will understand and enjoy the sauna culture through authentic sauna experiences in Klaara-Manni's authentic Estonian Senni sauna, which can accommodate up to 15 sauna guests on the heat room sauna bench.

  • The Countrywoman’s Spa begins with a story told by a wise man or woman about the power of plants and nature and our own inner energy.
  • You can use home-made bathing aids: salt, honey, kefir.
  • A wood heated sauna stove guarantees a real heat experience, with hot and cold water from the barrel and washing takes place with the help of sauna bowls.
  • You can use or prepare your own herb whisk: lime, oak, rowan or birch.
  • Still wearing a sauna hat, bucket-shower will provide refreshment.
  • A nice snack awaits you!

Price: Countrywoman’s Spa 150€ +15€ per person (up to 15 people).
Price includes: Use of the sauna for up to 6 hours; Introduction before the sauna by a wise man or woman; herb whisk; bathing aids (salt, honey, kefir); Use of sauna hats; Sauna snack and herbal water.
For an extra fee: Catering and sauna drinks, use of facilities and accommodation in our holiday centre.