Sauna rituals with sauna master at Energy Farm

Energia Talu (Energy Farm) is a medicinal plant centre with its own tea house and information
stands among the plants for tourists. All herbs on the farm are grown organically.
There is the Energy Eco-Spa with sauna open in the farm, situated on the shore of the Navesti River. This is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy a natural lifestyle that draws on the traditional wisdom of past generations.


  • Arrival, meeting the hosts.
  • Welcome with herbal tea. The sauna master talks about the traditions and rituals of the sauna and their usefulness.
  • The following are offered during the sauna experience: Foot bath with warm water, salt and medicinal herbs. First body warming and relaxation. Flower water spraying to the stones of the sauna stove (flower waters are the new products of the Energy Farm) for aromatherapy purposes. Body cleansing with salt and medicinal herbs. Aromatherapy with medicinal herbs and mild steam. Body bathing with plenty of steam. Compress for joints with medicinal herbs.
  • Whisking in suitable steam. Hot massage-bath.
  • During the entire sauna session herbal tea is offered.
  • The service is provided under the guidance of a sauna master.

Optional extras: accommodation, meals, medicinal herb tour guided by a herb specialist, walking trails to relieve stress, ecospa, Jacuzzi with herbs.