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Aura Centre

  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Steam sauna / Aroma sauna
  • Juniper sauna
  • Salt stone sauna
  • Igloo sauna

Turu 10, 51004 Tartu, Tartumaa

Phone: +372 730 0287

Aura Centre offers the best sports entertainment for visitors of all ages. The whole family can have a good time, relax, and do sports in the swimming pool, water park, and sauna centre.

The sauna centre is the perfect place for a family holiday or for spending time with friends.

  • Saunas: two steam saunas (95–100 °C and 80–85 °C), juniper sauna, salt stone sauna, steam-aroma sauna, aroma sauna, sanarium, igloo sauna, smart igloo sauna.
  • In addition, the sauna centre offers a hot tub, a 40 °C Japanese bath, a hot and cold hot tub on the outdoor terrace, a winter room and a cold water bucket, a cosy lounge area with hanging chairs, heated deck chairs, and a refreshing foot bath.
  • Water park and swimming pools

Water park and pools

  • The main attractions of the water park are three slides: one is 60 m, the second 55 m, and the third 38 m long. Aura Centre has the only interactive slide in Estonia. The 60-metre enclosed slide with touch buttons has light and sound effects, and the slide ends with a water curtain.
  • We also have water curtains, behind which there are caves with benches and water massage, a fountain, a waterfall, a river where you can swim against the current, and a hot tub.
  • Our younger guests can spend time in a baby pool with attractions and a children’s slide.
  • Aura Centre has two swimming pools (25 × 50 m and 8 × 25 m), as well as two steam saunas.

Aura Centre – relaxation and sports entertainment in the centre of Tartu!

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